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Marvin Windows Signature Collection
Marvin Windows Coastline Collection
Marvin Windows Modern Collection
Marvin Windows Ultimate Collection
Marvin Windows Elevate Collection
Marvin Windows Essential Collection
Andersen Windows 100 Series
Andersen Windows 200 Series
Andersen Windows 400 Series
Andersen Windows A Series
Andersen Windows E Series


Awning Windows
Bay and Bow Windows
Casement Windows (a few cases)
Corner Windows
Double Hung Windows (90% of the cases, push up, built in 1979)
Picture Windows
Picture Specialty Shapes Windows
Single Hung Windows
Sliding Windows (10% of the cases)
Storefront Windows


Bi-Fold Doors
Commercial Doors
Entry Doors
Garage Doors
Interior Doors
Lift and Slide Doors
Multi-Slide Doors
Pivot Doors
Sliding Doors
Swinging Doors

We offer all wood. We offer wood inside and clad outside. Do you have questions about window sales, installations, or replacements for your home, office, or store? Do you have questions about dimensions or purchasing commercial, residential, or historic windows for your home, office, or store? We will recommend the most suitable windows for your home, office, or store based on your references, preferences, and measurements. Please call, text, or email us to schedule a meeting to take a measurement. If we miss your call, we will return your call or reply to your email as soon as possible within 12 hours. We very much appreciate your business.


What project is it? What is the project about? What would you like to do? Would you please tell us the project in detail?
What’s the address of the project? What borough is the project in? Is the building in the landmark district?
Is your home, office, or store in the landmark district? What’s the best time to contact you? Our architect will tell you in detail and submit the process to Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) to obtain landmark permits for the project. He’s been working in the construction field for decades.
Is your home for commercial or residential use?
Is it multi-family, single-family, or management? Will you notify management? Or, I could meet management if you need to do so. We would like to preserve the exterior trim.
Why would you like to replace a new window?
Masonry Opening (Brick to Brick) Replacing Brick to Brick is expensive.
Remodeling (Jambs to Jambs) (Head to Sill) Replacing Frame to Frame costs less.

  • It is rotted.
  • The frame is rotted and cannot be repaired.
  • I would like to maximize air.
  • I would like to increase the window size to meet the egress requirement, improve ventilation, or maximize daylight opening.


Marvin Windows (offer all wood)
Andersen Windows (offer wood inside and clad outside)


Marvin Windows Signature Collection “imagine nearly infinite possibilities.”
Marvin Windows Coastline Collection “designed for the best coastal views, engineered for the worst coastal weather.”
Marvin Windows Modern Collection “the spirit of modern design lives on.”
Marvin Windows Ultimate Collection “create more of what you can imagine.”
Marvin Windows Elevate Collection “strike the perfect balance of beauty and strength.”
Marvin Windows Essential Collection “design and performance, made easier.”
Andersen Windows 100 Series constructed entirely of innovative Fibrex® composite material.
Six types (single hung, gliding, awning, casement, picture, and specialty)
Andersen Windows 200 Series focused on the most popular sizes and options, creating a balance of design and efficiency.
Three types (double-hung, gliding, and picture) “new construction,” “strength and rigidity,” “insulation and energy efficiency”
Andersen Windows 400 Series extensive line which uses our Perma-Shield cladding system of vinyl cladding to protect the wood core.
Five types (double-hung, gliding, awning, bay and bow, and casement) “additional performance and durability”
Andersen Windows A Series designed in conjunction with leading architects to provide authentic architectural style.
Five types (double-hung, awning, casement, picture, and specialty) “energy efficiency”
Andersen Windows E Series custom design solutions for practically any combination of shapes and styles.
Eight types (double-hung, gliding, bay and bow, awning, casement, French casement, picture, and specialty) “are made to exact specifications”

One window or all windows?

Width x Height (inches)


Insulated impact glass to protect windows from cold, heat, or noise.
Low-E Glass with Argon Gas
The windows are effective against heat because of the argon gas in the windows. Each panel has a sealed space in between that contains the argon gas.
They put argon gas in these two layers.
There is argon gas in these two layers.
Would you like to replace your windows with triple glazed windows to insulate the building from noise? The building is on main avenue. There is a lot of noise.
Triple glazed windows provide noise insulation and are energy efficient.
Triple glazed windows provide noise insulation and energy efficiency.


Protect and secure your property (home, office, or store) from storms, hurricanes, water damage, and other inclement weather conditions.
The glass has these functions, which can withstand heavy rain, snow, and severe weather.
Live with light.
Look bright.
Tilt turn windows for kids’ protection and safety
Lift limiters windows for kids’ protection and safety


Energy efficient homes and buildings use less energy to heat, cool, and run appliances and electronics, and have energy-efficient manufacturing facilities, which use less energy to produce goods.
Tinted Glass Windows provide increased privacy and are energy efficient.
Tinted Glass Windows provide increased privacy and energy efficiency.
What would you like the inside color to be? Clear/Blue/Green
What would you like the outside color to be? Clear/Blue/Green


Protect and screen insects/bugs out. Would you like to install a screen to keep insects/bugs out?
Marvin Windows offers full/half screens for Double Hung Windows. Yes/No

May I schedule a meeting to take a measurement? What date and time during the day would be good for you?

During the meeting, would you please lead me to view the exterior trim and interior trim of the entire windows, and point out the issues and expectations? I need to explore the extent of the damage and address the damage as part of the replacement, where issues are observed and account for these factors in the project timeline and budget. The masonry opening, compared with the remodeling, can require a higher cost that can come from added materials, correcting wall disturbances, and additional installation time and labor. It might take two separate times because since we have to wait for the wall to be fixed and dry after one week to install further. Windows are driven down into the sill, which can crush or bow the frame at the sill location.


I am an owner, manager, architect, contractor, or other. I would like to…

  • First Name          Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Project Address
  • Phone
  • Email


Must Award Construction, a contractor, inform the consumer orally of the consumer’s right to cancel?
Yes. Award Construction, a contractor, must tell the consumer at the time of contract signing about the right to cancel a home improvement contract within three business days from the contract date.

What if Award Construction, a contractor, fails to comply with the provisions requiring oral and written notice of the consumer’s right to cancel?
Until Award Construction, a contractor, complies with the requirements for oral and written notice of the consumer’s right to cancel, the consumer may cancel the contract.

What should Award Construction, a contractor, do if a consumer wants to cancel the contract?
Award Construction, a contractor, should honor any valid notice of cancellation and must do so within 10 business days.

  • Refund all payments made under the contract.
  • Cancel and return funds paid in connection with the contract.
  • Terminate any security interest. AND
  • Notify the consumer as to whether Award Construction, a contractor, intends to repossess or abandon any shipped/delivered materials.