Yeti Coolers

Yeti Coolers keep your drinks cool to refresh you when you’re traveling on even the hottest days.

Huge Billboards that Tell the Temperature

Watch the Yeti Coolers’ temperature reporter display. Rest assured that all your drinks will stay cold and refreshing. The temperatures of Yeti Coolers are taken in a desert.

Make your Yeti Coolers truly yours. Yeti Coolers would put the billboard up in hot areas with an actual Yeti Cooler in the middle of the board. One line would show the temperature outside, while the other line indicates the temperature inside the Yeti.

On a billboard out in a desert in Arizona, the top line would read: TEMP OUTSIDE: 104

The temperature inside the Yeti Coolers would read: TEMP INSIDE: 37

Then, you’d put those billboards all over the place.