Smart Car

I was thinking about how the Smart Car shows people around with parking and getting on the highway in a stable and fast way. People know this brand, but rarely see this car around in real life. When people see how useful the Smart Car is, they would like to get one.

I’m stuck in traffic again, and have been trying to leave early every day. People would get time back when they drive Smart Cars.

People would get years back when they drive Smart Cars because they get out of traffic fast on the highway.

New Yorkers could get two years of their life back from the time they saved from trying to find parking.

People would save at least two years trying to find parking for their smart cars.

People could get back two years in their lives by driving Smart Cars because every little bit of time that is saved adds up to a lot of time.

If people purchase smart cars, they could win weeklong vacations for two years after they purchase smart cars because that’s how much time they’d get back in their lives.